'Poetic License' ~ Really?

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In creating art there is supposed to be something called 'Poetic License'. Artists don't get to put this license on their car or in their wallet. But they all put it to use just the same.

What is this license for? What does it let you artists get away with? I propose that Poetic License lets you mess with the truth - to a limited extent. If you are good enough, it grants you the power of some limited amount of "Willing Suspension of Disbelieve" from your viewers. That is, if they are at all "sophisticated". If so, they willingly look at a flat framed image on a wall and automatically 'pretend' that it's a window deep into another world.

Do they look, let's say, at a color photo of a rainbow and see reality? No they do not. Reality is a flat piece of paper with millions of tiny colored dots on it - so boring. Reality is room lights whose more-or-less white light (another willingly accepted illusion) is reflected into their eyes as colored light from the paper's pigments - so academic.

Only a very unsophisticated viewer sees the reality. The rest of us gaze through our Poetic License Goggles and more or less 'get' the artist's message.

Of course no two Goggles are exactly the same. They are personal prescription Goggles and a bit unique. They are the 'Eye of the Beholder' they who are expected to create 'Art' in their minds eye.

"What is Art?" is a question which will never be answered in the collective absolute. Art is "In the Eye of the Beholder". Some beholders see an artistic expression, some see an artistic failure, some see nothing much. Few to none see reality.

May your Poetic License take you Far and Deep ~ Bon Voyage! 

     Until next time...

     _jim coe


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