Sharing my Favorite Online Tools and People

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Favorite Free Tools

Free Publishing Tools

WordPress for building a blog or a website. 
     WordPress has by far the largest number of users, options, plugins and themes.
     Try for a more visually enhanced website or blog.

Free Graphics Tools:
Although I prefer to use a $20 monthly subscription to Adobe Photoshop (through their 'CreativeCloud' service), there are several free graphics editors out there. My choice is GIMP. Here is a link to a rundown of many such tools.

Pixie is a handy little tool that shows the RGB values of any pixel you hover it over in a webpage. Get it from Nattywear Here.

JR Screen Ruler:
JRuler is an onscreen ruler measured in pixels. It's very handy for measuring images, or frames for which you must create images. I use it everyday in building websites for my clients. Get it Here.

Some Favorite Online Experts

2 Top Online Marketing People:
Neil Patel
Seth Godin

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