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Jim Coe is the owner of the 'Art Head Start'  Online Store and the author of the eBook series for Artists, Art Students and Teachers of the same name. 'Lessons on Light and Color' is the first eBook in his current series. His 2nd eBook, 'Lessons on Visual Composition' is now available as well.

Major Announcement:
The 'Art Head Start' Online Store is now also featuring selected 'Electronics for Artists' products. The first such product is a 15" Digital Picture Frame that's ideal for displaying Your Artwork, Family Photos or any other images.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Future products will soon include a 3D Printer for Artists! We're just waiting for our wholesalers to introduce a completely assembled product or a complete DIY kit. To date there are only individual parts or partial kits available.


Jim is a past President of the Kern River Valley Art Association and a former instructor at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jim has a life-long fascination with light and color and currently teaches via community workshops. He is not only a Fine Art Photographer, but also creates Digital 3D Modeled Figures and Scenes. Jim also helped develop Light Show methods and technologies in San Francisco and worked as a touring soundman for 8 years with music groups Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship.

If you have questions of comments about the 'Art Head Start' eBook series or website, please send them to: the.jim.coe@gmail.com.