FREE Stuff for Artists!

There are several free and helpful software products that Artists, especially Digital Artists.
Here is a link to a trustworthy website ( with a list of 10 free image editing programs, with helpful reviews.

Please note that I'm a Windows user. I'm unsure about using these products on other operating systems.

Of course you can also pay about $20 per month for an online subscription to Adobe Photoshop, the premier image editing software. There is also a limited version of Photoshop for under $100, called 'Photoshop Essentials'.

The only program from the free list I've used myself is GIMP, which is quite good, although it doesn't do all that Photoshop can (especially not "Curves" for interactive control.of image tonal structure).

If you're not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, be advised that it is a tremendous toolkit of separate tools, with little or no help on when, how, where or why to use them. Of course there is lots of Photoshop help available online from Photoshop users.

Here are some other free image editing tools I love:

This is a ruler for your display screen that reads out in pixels. Very useful!


Pixie shows you the color code for any pixel on your screen that you hover your mouse cursor over. Pixie is very useful for discovering the exact color of things on your screen. Note that Pixie is for Windows operating systems only.

Google Picasa (Now Google Photos):

Picasa was an excellent image database that could be downloaded to your computer. It would scan your hard drives for images and arrange them various ways. You could assign them into local albums or upload your albums publicly or semi-privately. It also had image editing capability and much more. Picas has been replaced by Google Photos, which offers similar tools and works well.


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