'Lessons on Light and Color' eBook

'Lessons on Light and Color' is one of the 'Art Head Start'  Series of downloadable eBooks, in the universal Adobe PDF format, for Artists, Art Students and Art Teachers.
The author, Jim Coe, is an expert Instructor, Photographer and Digital 3D Artist. Jim formerly taught at the San Francisco Art Institute and is a past President of the Kern River Valley Art Association

'Lessons on Light and Color' features over 40 fully illustrated pages covering 18 topics.

Topics include:
   Light is the Medium of any Artist
   Physics of light
   Light as Energy
   Waves in the Time and Frequency Domains
   Visualizing Light Waves
   Perceiving Light
   Wave Phase and Interference Effects
  The EM Spectrum and the Visible Spectrum
   Speed of Light
   Animal Vision
   Human Vision
   Polarized Light
   Ultraviolet Light
   Online Resources
   Mixing Colored Lights
   The Color Wheel and the Color Tree
   Mixing colored pigments

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