The Art of Visual Composition eBook

'Lessons on Visual Composition' is my 2nd eBook for Artists, Art Students and Art Teachers, after my recently published 'Lessons on Light and Color'. Both are priced for the Artist's budget at just $20. Topics included in 'Lessons on Visual Composition' are:

   Introduction                                 Framing
   Visual Balance                            Depth
   Static and Dynamic Balance       Point of-View
   Symmetry and Danger                Negative Space
   Types and Axis of Symmetry       Figure-to-Ground
   Patterns                                       Color in Composition
   Center-of-Interest                        Juxtaposition
   Eye Path                                      Orientation
   Repetition                                    Contrast
   Perspective and Leading Lines   Soulfulness
   Rule of Thirds

You may Download it now and you could be learning in minutes.



   _jim coe