Another 'ART HEAD START' eBook ~ Lessons on Light and Color
Art Head Start

Another 'ART HEAD START' eBook ~ Lessons on Light and Color

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 Are you an Artist, Art Student or Art Teacher? If so, 'Lessons on Light and Color', the first eBook in the 'Art Head Start' Series, represents real value for you at just $20.

I expect you've already learned a lot about your own art medium. But have you learned enough about Light itself? About Color?

You're going to learn 22 important topics in over 50 fully illustrated pages to help you better express your art. The Photos, Charts and Custom Graphics, some by the author, make the topics diamond clear.. That author is Jim Coe, a four year BFA (Bachelor, Fine Arts) graduate and a former instructor at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jim has made a decade's long study of Light and Color and their effects. He was also one of two West Coast groups inventing and performing Light Shows. He created many light show innovations and methods. He is currently a Teacher, Photographer, 3D Digital Modeling Artist and former President of the Kern River Valley Art Association.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your use of Light and Color. If my eBook is not exactly what you need, perhaps you can alert a friend who would benefit? And I'll be delighted if you can suggest a missing topic you'd like to learn - or have other comments. You may email me at:

                         Lessons on Light and Color ~ 22 Book Topics

    Introduction                                           Speed of Light
    Light, the Medium of an Artist               Animal Vision
    Physics of light                                      Human Vision
    Light as Energy                                     Polarized Light
    Time & Frequency Domains                 Ultraviolet Light
    Visualizing Light Waves                        Online Resources
    Perceiving Light                                    Mix Colored Lights
    Wave Phase & Interference Effects      Color Wheel & Tree
    The EM Spectrum, Visible Spectrum    Mix Pigments
    Lighting                                                 Light Sources
    Image Composition                               Light in Composition                                                                   
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